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Water Damage

Water Damage

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Regardless of the cause, be it a storm, broken pipe, backing up septic system, or even a fire; when a disaster strikes the resulting damages, particularly water damage, can be greatly reduced by mitigating the loss as soon as possible in the hours to follow.  Waiting too long to begin Water Damage Mitigation services can result in greater areas of primary damage, and even secondary moisture damage.  Leaving a room unaltered with Water Damage could result in water spreading to other areas of the building.  Water can often easily travel from one room to the next, or from one level to the floors below.  Nearby contents can even become damaged by excess humidity in the area. This sort of indirect water damage is referred to as Secondary Damage.  Another form of Secondary Damage is Microbial growth.  Water Damaged structures left without proper, timely mitigation often will have signs of Mold Damage to both Structural Materials and any Affected Contents in the damage area.  

Ultimately, if signs of water damage are suspected, prompt moisture inspection of the areas in question should be taken to determine the severity of the damages before the loss potentially becomes worse. CTK Restoration utilizes the most effective technology available to inspect building materials of all compositions for specific moisture content levels.  Knowing not only where water has traveled but also the levels of Material Moisture Content is key in order to use the necessary Structural Drying methods to restore the damages within the least amount of time possible.

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