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PuffBack Cleanup

PuffBack Cleanup

Long Island PuffBack Cleanup

CTK Restoration offers PuffBack Cleanup services. Importantly, a puff back can best be understood as an explosion of unburned oil in the combustion chamber of an oil-fired boiler, water heater, or furnace. The puff back can cause significant damage to the boiler, and it may cause the flue vent connector to become disconnected and soot to blow throughout the entire building. Depending on the quantity of oil ignited, the heater type, condition, design, building construction, materials, doorways, and ductwork, the strength of the puff back will vary. Several of the most significant causes of puff backs include, but are not limited to, leaks in the equipment oil supply piping, inadequate oil burner maintenance, oil burner shut down issues, and underlying heater and chimney installation issues.

Puff backs can be extremely dangerous, as it blows apart the heating flue vent connector. This increases the likelihood of fire, as combustion gases are released into the air. The major warning signs of an impending puff back include sooty, noise, and smelly oil burner operation. Oil burners will need to be inspected, diagnosed, serviced, and repaired if any of these warning signs are evident.

Puff backs require a special clean-up process that works to eliminate the source and effects of the soot. Typically, soot and petroleum-based oil damage the property and many items within the house after a puff back. Soot leaves dark stains on carpet and other items, and the oil embeds itself into porous materials. This means that all cloth, fabric, and carpet slowly absorb the ash. Puff backs require immediate treatment, otherwise the damage can be irreversible.

When you call for puff back services, our team will assess the furnace for danger, eliminate the source of the soot, and properly clean up the effects of the puff back. Our team of highly trained professionals will take the utmost care with your items, and prevent further damage during the cleanup process. Materials susceptible to puff backs are cleaned gently to prevent the oils and soot from becoming embedded within the material. Our team also removes all odors from all surfaces effected within the home.

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